Art Nouveau is a stunning banquet facility for the wedding of your dreams. With three hall options and a Love Garden for outdoor receptions, elegantly finished and functional amenities, one-of-a-kind decors, beautiful atmosphere with its wonderful ambiance, and friendly customer service, you could have no better choice than Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau Events has the calling and magic wand like no other to plan and deliver traditional marriage and white wedding events successfully.

We understand wedding carries a mixture of excitement, emotions and tension coupled with those difficult family tensions, feud and contradictions which are inevitable with any wedding. To be successful, you will need support and expert advice like Art Nouveau’s during those difficult times.

Our dedicated wedding planners will assist, support and stand by you every step of the way, and at a cost that fits your budget will design and deliver to you a wedding that no one will forget. We will ensure your special day is successful, stress free and everything you and your partner could wish for.

A visit to our wedding hall complex will convince you of the above facts.

Call now or please come in person and discuss with us your plans and budget. We promise you a grand wedding that will remain the talk of the town years to come.